Do You Host Events?

Then you need an event manager.

Mighty Meet is an information portal for Eventpeg, a social networking site. So what do you need in an event manager?

1.  A way to display your event information and take bookings

2.  A way to limit your events to a membership group

3.  A way to communicate with your group members

As easy as 1-2-3. So let’s get started!

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Event Features

What we need to have

Since events are arguably the most important aspect of an event manager, what must we have?

1.  A way to search for events by time or location

2.  A map showing where the event is happening

3.  A description of the event and some photos

4.  A way for attendees to make a booking

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Membership Groups

Confine events to a group

You usually only want your events to be available to group members. But what features are needed?

1.  Ability to have Public, Private or Hidden groups

2.  A way for visitors to find your group by location

3.  Ability to limit what event information is visible for Public groups

4.  A way to announce new events or other information to group members

5.  An information page for your group for visitors to read, to decide if your group is for them

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home page section three

Social Networking

Communication between members

Your members should feel they are part of a community, not just a group. So what features do they need?

1.  Ability to see all members on the website

2.  Ability to become friends with other members

3.  Ability to contact other members by private message

4.  Ability to control their privacy and who can see their profile

5.  Central forum for all members to post questions about how the website works

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